Meet the Administrator
Belen C. Policarpio is the administrator for NMS Healthcare of Silver Spring. Belen also oversees the Preceptor Program at NMS Healthcare. This program oversees all of the employees looking to become an administrator and leads them through the process to enroll in the Administrator in Training (A.I.T.) program.

For more than 15 years, Belen has served in the senior care sector with extensive knowledge in long term care and assisted living venues. This level of experience has proven to be beneficial time and time again as her leadership and dynamic skill set has helped so many people within NMS Healthcare grow and perform at their highest level.

About this facility
NMS Healthcare of Silver Spring is a 116-bed facility conveniently located between Connecticut Avenue and Veirs Mill Road. The center is close to the capital beltway in Montgomery County, Maryland, and is only a few minutes away from
Washington D.C.

The facility has a home-like environment, and provides orthopedic rehabilitation, bariatric care, pain management, wound care and hospice care.

Our interdisciplinary team includes:
Board Certified Medical Directors, Pulmonologists, Vascular Surgeons, Wound Care Physicians, Pain Management Physicians, Nephrologists, Physiatrists, Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Hospice Nurses, Dietitians, Respiratory Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists, Social Workers, Certified Activities Consultants and Geriatric Nurse Assistants.

Bariatric Care
Our bariatric rehabilitation program is tailored for obese people with medical needs. Common conditions treated under this program include arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia and many other musculoskeletal diagnoses. This program targets rehab goals without undue stress on the back, hip or knees. Our program is also an important component in improving weight loss.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
Our physical therapy team focuses on the restoration of function, improvement of strength, endurance, flexibility, pain management and pre- and post-surgical care. Surgeons and in-house physicians coordinate care across disciplines.

Transitional Care
Our unique care program facilitates residents’ successful transition from the hospital to the next setting. The program is designed to promote independence, despite the challenges of injury, illness or post- surgical recovery. It features stepping stones and clinical pathways designed in collaboration with home health providers.

Pain Management
Following a comprehensive pain assessment, our highly-trained physicians develop individualized treatment plans to address chronic pain and discomfort. We rely on evidence-based treatments that coordinate care across disciplines to reduce pain and achieve optimal healing for each resident’s condition.

just wanted to relay to you my appreciation of all of those women (Ms. Johnson, Philomena and Marites). But especially Philomena for taking charge of the situation and following through to the end. Thank you.

Family Member of Hyattsville Resident
Aug 02, 2015
I am writing this note to show my appreciation for the physical and occupational therapists. They are the greatest group of people I had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Christine: She is patient, friendly and professional. Sessions with her tested me to my limits and covered duties I will have to do in my home.

Carrie: She is patient, friendly and professional. Day after day increased my level of endurance while at the same time, she knew my limitations. She is the greatest.

Jennifer: The same goes for her. Her kindness and professionalism I will always remember. She is the best. Raymond: The same goes for him. The place would not be as happy without him. Therapy sessions with him prepared me for life at home.

Ingrid (or as I call her “Sunshine”): She always has a smile. Her and Glynis’s help when I was tasked with climbing the stairs was invaluable.

All of the other therapists are the best. Natalia is a tireless worker. Noel is approachable, capable and professional. Yasmine is dedicated and very helpful. Jennifer is a very good therapist. Our sessions were fruitful. LJ is one of a kind. My sessions with her gave me confidence and assuring she is a great therapist and a great person. All of the staff here is great. I could not have done what I have done without them.

My undying THANKS to all of you. God bless you each and everyone.

Aug 02, 2015
I was a resident at NMS in Hagerstown for therapy 12 times and on the last 2 occasions & had the new crew from the Philippines and I thoroughly enjoyed the therapy as well as regained my strength.

Aug 02, 2015
Physical Therapy is a career that requires a lot of studying and training then is utilized helping the patients they eventually work with to regain either all of what they had or as much as possible.

One of such therapists is Mr. Rosauro Perciller at the Hagerstown N.M.S. Facility. Ross, as he is known there however goes beyond “Just The JOB”. He starts with an understanding of the patients mental abilities and Truly Listens to what that “person’ has to say; never ignoring any pain that occurs or possible medical conditions that are not obvious.

My wife is just such one of those patients. Having arrived at N.M.S. from another local facility that did not take her second and most recent stroke after a knee replacement into inconsideration. Ross worked with my wife and got her to perform tasks which she had not done in eight years since her first stroke in 2003. Ross has created a “TRUST” with both my wife and myself, that if he suggests a plan of action there is no second guessing on ,our part. If my wife has advanced herself to point of being able to go to the next level, Ross will say,” let’s try it …… I wouldn’t suggest;if I didn’t think your were ready and capable of doing it.”

That statement and others like it, verbalized allow the patient to believe in him and try harder.

Ross says, ” I’m just doing my job.” I have seen others just doing the job but Ross is far above that level.

Mr. Rosauro Perciller is of extremely rare quality and it shows in his job ethic. He develops a rap pore that is unmatched at any other facility that either my wife or myself, have been to. Mr. Perciller is truly asset to your facility.

Family Member of Hyattsville Resident
Aug 03, 2015
I’ve been very happy here.

I thank God because after having been in the hospital, I was sent to this nursing home. In Saint Thomas More, I have felt at home. My family abandoned me, but I didn’t miss them or think of them while I was here because everyone made me feel at home. Everyone here smiled at me. I especially want to thank the kitchen, nursing and rehab staff because all of them were very sweet with me, in spite of my changing moods sometimes. All of them were very patient and kind.

It seems like the entire staff members were chosen carefully to fulfill this mission. I have no complaints.

I want to bless everyone who works in this place and I will miss them!