A single Viagra pill costs a whopping $61.54 on average. Now, unless you’ve got an extremely well-paid job, paying 60+ dollars every time you want to have sex just isn’t doable for most guys.

Bluechew costs $2.64 per pill and does exactly the same thing.

Since Pfizer’s death-grip patent on the Viagra formula expired, Bluechew has been making affordable generic ED meds that are chewable and absorb into the bloodstream as quickly as 20 minutes.

I’ve finally found my miracle ED pill!

I’m going to tell you all about it in this Bluechew Review.

For this Review, I used the free 1 month trial of Bluechew, and have remained subscribed to their Active plan.

My Situation Before Bluechew – No Erections at Age 52

Me Before Bluechew

I’m a 52-year-old guy who weighs in at 200 lbs. Like many guys in their fifties who end up with ED, I was in denial about my erectile dysfunction. I think the younger you are, the harder it is to accept that you have trouble getting a boner.

I felt like less of a man.

My wife and I would try to have sex, and although I initially got an erection, I kept losing it. Despite both of our best efforts, I was going limp constantly. It was so frustrating and humiliating for me.

At first, my wife was annoyed because she assumed I didn’t find her attractive anymore, but that wasn’t the case. The same thing happened when I watched porn alone – my boners just kept disappearing half-way through me masturbating.

I was horny – my penis wasn’t.

A strain on our sex life

We managed to have sex now and then but it was nowhere near enough and it was nowhere near as enjoyable as when we first started seeing each other. I was just nervous the whole time that I was going to go soft at any moment. Instead of being in the moment, I was desperately trying to think sexy thoughts.

Ironically, it wasn’t very arousing.

I was in denial for a long time, but eventually I had to accept that early erectile dysfunction had become part of my life. Once I’d accepted my reality, I was better able to take actionable steps to overcome this.

Was I embarrassed? Yes. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Still, I didn’t want to see a doctor. I would if there was no other option, but I’d prefer to spare myself that additional embarrassment if possible.

So I turned to Google and came across BlueChew.

What Is BlueChew And What Does It Promise?

BlueChew is an online ED pill subscription service. As the name implies, each pill is chewable and doesn’t need to be swallowed like traditional pills. You order a subscription plan and a set number of pills is delivered to your door every month in discreet packaging.

It’s a bit like Hello Fresh, but for boner pills.

Bluechew’s US-based online doctors will assess your medical history and (hopefully!) approve you for the pills, which come individually wrapped in sleekly-designed pouches so they’re easy to carry on the go.

Sildenafil vs Tadalafil – What’s the difference?

The chewable tablets come in 2 forms – sildenafil and tadalafil.

  •         Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra
  •         Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis

The Sildenafil ones promise to get you hard for 2-3 hours, while the Tadalafil ones make it easier to get hard (when you’re aroused) for the next 18-24 hours.

Both pills typically kick in within 20-40 minutes.

Does BlueChew Work?

I want to keep my BlueChew review fully transparent so I’ll level with you here – BlueChew didn’t work for me at first.

But here’s why …

So, the first night we got the tablets in the mail, my wife and I went out for a romantic dinner for two. We ate lobster, got through two bottles of wine – the works.

After the meal was done, I chewed on my first BlueChew tablet, had a shower, and got ready for some action with my wife.

One snag – after less than an hour, I felt incredibly ill. I had a headache, I was dizzy, and there was absolutely no way I was gonna get hard.

I needed rest!

The day after, I was not pleased. Bluechew had betrayed me, or so I thought. Either way, I was ready to see a doc in person and get this ED thing sorted out properly. But my wife pointed out to me that I’d guzzled over half a bottle of wine before taking the pill.

And we all know what they say about mixing medicines with alcohol.

The stiffest erection I’ve had in decades

So three days later, we gave BlueChew another shot. This time we stayed in, ate a TV dinner, and two hours after eating I chewed on another pill.

Within 30 minutes, my penis was hard as a rock. Honestly, it was like being a teenager again – I hadn’t felt that level of arousal in years. You know when you were a teenager with crazy hormones and when you were horny sex was ALL you could think about?

Let’s just say the sex was very good.

So, does BlueChew work? Well yes, BlueChew clearly works and it’s one of the best male enhancement pills on the market if you take it correctly and don’t wash it down with 5 bottles of wine like moi.

As long as you avoid too much booze, eat sensibly-sized meals, and get in the mood with some foreplay, these Bluechew tablets work an absolute treat.

They also kick in more quickly than swallowed Viagra pills because when you chew the pill up, the powder absorbs through your tongue and cheeks as well as your stomach, speeding up the overall process. For me, it was around 25-30 minutes.

I think Bluechew is great, but do whatever works for you.

My Review of How to Order BlueChew

There are three great things about BlueChew:

  • You can chew it
  • It gives you erections
  • It’s easy to order

All this makes it one of the top male enhancement pills, in my opinion.

So it works like this: you visit their website, fill in a few questions, and wait until a doctor clears you. Once he/she has done that, you’ll get a confirmation email. Then, it’s up to you to choose your plan.

You can choose between the sildenafil and tadalafil options, and there are 4 different plans for each depending on how often you have sex. You can always start with a small plan and then put it up if you feel like you don’t have enough by the end of the month.

Hopefully, you’ll need loads!

Within 3 business days, your box should arrive in the mail. It comes with a few items, including those tablets, and the packaging is super discreet. Each pill is individually wrapped in a sleek pouch, so they’re easy to carry around or put in your wallet, for instance.

I always like to have a Bluechew on me, just in case.

How Much Does BlueChew Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, normal Viagra is stupid expensive.

In fact, a single pill costs $61.54.

However, BlueChew plans (with multiple pills) start from just $20 a month and rise to $90 a month for the Pro plan. The more pills you get in your plan, the cheaper each pill works out to be.

For the Pro plan, each Bluechew pills works out to be $2.64. For the cheapest plan, each Bluechew pill works out to be $3.33.

That’s still 94.5% cheaper per-pill than real Viagra.

For me personally, I went with the $30 “Busy” plan but I started things off with a 30-day free trial BlueChew sample of the $20 plan.

Bluechew free samples and coupon codes

You can get Bluechew free samples sent to your home by using a free coupon code.

The Bluechew free trial is for the cheapest plan – the “Active” plan for $20 per month. You still pay for shipping, but it’s pretty cheap.

If you’d prefer to order a larger number of pills for your first batch, you can order one of the other Bluechew plans but request a $20 discount instead of the free trial.

That’s a good deal!

This trial lasts 30 days and the company reminds you a few days before it’s up so that you can either upgrade or cancel within plenty of time. I like that they do that – a lot of companies wouldn’t bother to remind you.

What’s In BlueChew? Review of the Ingredients

BlueChew is about as legit and safe as it gets, containing exactly the same active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis.

Yes, exactly the same.

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra and it stays in your bloodstream for as long as 3 hours. This means that the Sildenafil Bluechew tablet is the option for guys who either want a smaller dosage, or who know they’ll be having sex within the next hour or so. It’s basically a guaranteed boner, assuming the dose is strong enough.

So, what about tadalafil?

The other option is to go with the Tadalafil BlueChew tablet. Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis, and it stays in your bloodstream for as long as 18 hours. If you’re not sure when you’ll be having sex on a particular day, or if you’ll be travelling, it’s the one to go for. You don’t have an 18-hour boner, but it’s easier to get hard when you feel horny.

Should You Buy It? Conclusion of My Bluechew Review

I hope you enjoyed my BlueChew review! There are so many erectile dysfunction pills vying for your attention online, it can be hard figuring out which one to choose. The key things to look for are price, company reputation, discreet deliveries, US-based doctors, and any unique points about the pills.

Don’t be fooled into buying snake oil.

For me, BlueChew is my go-to pill for erectile dysfunction and I highly recommend it as a top male enhancement pill. It’s chewable, easy to order, tastes fine and it’s super effective for men suffering from ED. It also fits nicely in your budget and you can try before you buy with their free trial system, so there’s very little to lose.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m off to have sex without worrying about my boner!