On-Campus Dialysis
Owned and operated by NMS Dialysis of Springbrook, the on-campus Dialysis Center offers excellent care for inpatients with ESRD. Our senior management team includes in-house nephrologists and clinicians who have worked in a variety of healthcare segments during their careers, including many years of service to dialysis patients.

We provide patients with a choice of a full range of quality services for in-center hemodialysis.

NMS Dialysis works in partnership with nephrologists to run treatment centers for persons suffering from chronic kidney failure, also known as end stage renal disease.

New Generation Dialysis
Our bedside-dialysis program is offered exclusively at our Annapolis and Hagerstown locations. This program is tailored for pulmonary patients, patients in need of extensive rehab post-surgery and patients that are candidates for self-dialysis at home.

Pulmonary Patients
Our Annapolis and Hagerstown locations are equipped with bedside dialysis and mechanical ventilation allowing patients to be treated without the inconvenience of having to be transported to the dialysis center. This setting improves communication among all practitioners while dialysis, respiratory and nursing teams are working side by side in the same unit.

Rehab Patients
Traditional in-center dialysis is 3 times a week, with treatments that could take up to four hours long per treatment. NMS Dialysis provides shorter treatments 5 or 6 days a week, conveniently in the patient’s room. Shorter treatments of 2 1/2 hours long in average allow patients to maximize their rehab potential. Our dialysis and rehab teams will work each patient’s schedule based on their individual needs.

Self-dialysis at home
If you are a candidate for self-dialysis at home, you can choose to undergo home dialysis training during your skilled nursing home stay. NMS Dialysis can train patients and caregivers during the nursing home stay and continue the program at the patient’s home. Make sure you discuss with our dialysis team the benefits of home dialysis!


Benefits of On-Site Hemodialysis
The elimination of the need for you to travel to an outside facility to receive hemodialysis
More time in the day, which may allow for increased time for daily rehabilitation
Minimal disruptions in your medication schedules
Minimal disruptions to your social activities
The ability to perform dialysis more frequently, which is closer to how healthy kidneys work