NMS Healthcare - QAPI Accreditation

on 28 March 2017


NMS Healthcare has received Providigm's Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Accreditation in all 5 facilities - A unique honor in the industry.

QAPI Accreditation recognizes the very core of the work NMS Healthcare does every day to identify where there are opportunities to improve care and quality of life for their residents. 

The standards met by NMS Healthcare in order to receive this accreditation include:

1. Comprehensive: Addressing all aspects of quality of care, based on resident-centered assessments obtained from residents, family members, staff, and records. 

2. Continuous: Conducting this process over the course of the entire prior year of receiving the accreditation rather than just when problems arise.

3. Coverage: Assessing a sufficient number of residents, ensuring the care and services provided by NMS are consistent throughout the entire organization. 

4. Corrective: In-depth investigation of identified and prioritized areas of improvement. 

Providigm, with their 9-year experience developing systems and methods that can be used to conduct QAPI, is the only organization offering such an accreditation for nursing homes and centers.

For this reason, at NMS Healthcare, we are encouraged to redouble our efforts to continuously improve and provide our residents with the highest quality of service.