Erectile dysfunction is genuinely one of the worst things that can ever happen to a man because it knocks his confidence and has the power to ruin his relationships with women – and thus his whole life.

Well, I’m a guy just like you who struggled with ED. But then I came across BlueChew. In this BlueChew review, I’ll share with you my experiences.

A Little Bit About My Situation

I’m a 37-year-old male who weighs in at 200 lbs. The thing with me is that I never fully believed I had total erectile dysfunction. But I guess I did. The same scenario kept playing out each week and it went like this:

Me and my wife would try to have sex … but, although I initially got an erection, I kept losing it. Either she’d go near it with her mouth or grab it with her hand – and I’d lose it. It would go limp.

We managed to have sex now and then but it was nowhere near enough. Moreover, it was nowhere near as enjoyable as it was when we first started courting.

Like many guys, I was in denial at first. Eventually, as time passed, I had to admit that I had a real problem here.

And just like many guys, I didn’t want to see a doc. Instead, I turned to Google and came across BlueChew.

What Is BlueChew And What Does It Promise?

BlueChew is an online ED pill subscription service that puts you in touch with trained doctors who can tell you if you’ve got erectile dysfunction. If you have, you can get access to their chewable tablets that contain either Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) or Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis).

You chew all the tablets, and the Sildenafil ones promise to keep you hard for 2-3 hours, while the Tadalafil ones promise to keep you hard for as many as 18 hours.

Does BlueChew Work?

I want to keep my BlueChew review fully transparent so I’ll level with you here – BlueChew didn’t work for me at first.

But here’s why …

So, the first night we got the tablets in the mail, my wife and I went out for a romantic dinner for two. We ate lobster, got through two bottles of wine – the works.

After the meal was done, I chewed on my first BlueChew tablet, had a shower and got ready for some action with my wife.

One snag: After less than an hour, I felt incredibly ill. I had a headache, I was dizzy and there was absolutely no way I was gonna get hard. I needed rest!

The next day, I was hating on BlueChew and was ready to see a doc in person and get this ED thing sorted properly. But my wife pointed out to me that I’d guzzled over a half a bottle of wine before taking the pill.

And we all know what they say about mixing medicines with alcohol.

So three days later, we gave BlueChew another shot. This time we stayed in, ate a TV dinner, and two hours after eating I chewed on another pill.

Within 30 minutes, my penis rocketed up. I was hard, I was firm – I was ready for sex with my life. And it was a pleasure.

It was the best sex we’d had for a long time.

So, does BlueChew work? BlueChew clearly works and it’s one of the best male enhancement pills on the market. But you have to do the right things. This probably means avoiding alcohol, and it probably means taking a tablet an hour or two after eating. It also means engaging in sexual activity as the tablet won’t get your hard without some kind of stimulation.

That said, you need to do whatever works for you.

Review of How To Order BlueChew

There are three great things about BlueChew:

  • It’s chewable
  • It’s effective
  • It’s easy to order

All this makes it one of the top male enhancement pills.

The process works like this: You visit their website, fill in a few questions and wait until a doctor clears you. Once he/she has done that, you’ll get a confirmation email. Then, it’s up to you to choose your plan.

Within 3 business days, your box should arrive in the mail. It comes with a few items, including those tablets, and the packaging is super discreet.

How Much Does BlueChew Cost?

BlueChew is one of the most inexpensive but effective ED pills available. Plans start out from just $20 a month and rise to $90 a month for the Pro plan. Which plan you decide to go with will depend on your needs and situation – both financial and sexual.

I went with the $30 Busy plan but I also started things off with a 30-day free trial BlueChew sample. You can get the BlueChew sample too via a free coupon code.

This trial lasts thirty days and the company reminds you a few days before it’s up so that you can either upgrade or cancel.

What’s In BlueChew? Review of the Ingredients

BlueChew is about as legit and safe as it gets, and contains the same ingredients as Viagra and Cialis.

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra and it stays in your bloodstream for as much as 3 hours. This means it’s the option for guys who either want a smaller dosage, or who know they’ll be having sex within an hour so.

The other option is to go with the Tadalafil BlueChew tablet. Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis, and it stays in your bloodstream for as many as 18 hours. If you’re not sure when you’ll be having sex on a particular day, or if you’ll be travelling, it’s the one to go for.

Conclusion of My Bluechew Review

I hope you enjoyed my BlueChew review.

BlueChew is my go-to pill for erectile dysfunction and I highly recommend it as a top male enhancement pill. It’s chewable, easy to order, tastes fine and it’s super effective for men suffering from ED. It also fits nicely in your budget and you can try before you buy.