Lashaon Pierce

Director of Nursing NMS Healthcare of Hyattsville
by Super User
on 07 July 2015

LaShaon Pierce's start in the healthcare field began when she received her certification as a Nursing Assistant while completing her senior year of high school. This sparked her interest in providing care for others and led her to become the distinguished healthcare professional she is today.

LaShaon went on to become a Licensed Practical Nurse graduating from J.M. Technical School in 1996. She was able to exemplify her skills by serving as a Charge Nurse in a specialty Alzheimer’s and advanced Dementia unit at a skilled nursing home, in which she served for five years. Being a native of Connecticut, she later relocated to Maryland where she landed both feet professionally at what is now known as NMS Healthcare of Hyattsville.

Since joining NMS in 2004, LaShaon has worked her way up in the company through numerous positions such as Charge Nurse, Unit Manager, Clinical Coordinator, Assistant Director of Nursing and her current position as the Director of Nursing. Such promotional advances have given LaShaon the ability to truly understand all aspects of clinical operations and to serve more efficiently as a leader. She takes a hands ­on approach with her team, residents and family members. She is clinically astute and often takes the time to teach others in order to strengthen their clinical skills. In addition, LaShaon was also able to attain her degree as a Registered Nurse from Global Health College.