Meet the Administrator

Rene F. Gomez is the Administrator of NMS Healthcare of Annapolis. Rene joined the NMS Healthcare team in 2009 as a Business Office Assistant. He then began climbing the ladder moving into a Business Office Manager, a position that he held for 3 years. From there, Rene was given the opportunity to pursue a career as a Licensed Administrator, and began by being an Assistant Administrator in our 250-bed Hyattsville location where he was able to gain a large amount of experience in management and operations. During this time, he was able to oversee the expansion of 250 beds to 260 beds. In June of 2014, Rene was approved to join the Administrator-In-Training program at our 96-bed Annapolis facility, where he completed an abbreviated curriculum of six months required by the State of Maryland. This blend of operations, devotion to patient care, customer service commitment and team management are just some of the areas Rene has learned to harbor and execute during his time working in the nursing home industry.

During his tenure at NMS Healthcare, Rene received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration from University of Maryland University College in 2014. Before NMS Healthcare, Rene worked mainly in the banking industry starting of as a teller to being a Financial Sales Representative at Chevy Chase Bank and PNC Bank.

In February 2015, Rene was promoted to Administrator of NMS Healthcare of Silver Spring, now overseeing a 116-bed facility. Being part of the equation that equals quality care for the residents while maintaining positive employee and family relationships is Rene’s motivation to stride for excellence.

About this facility

NMS Healthcare of Annapolis is a 97-bed facility located in Eastport, a small community in Annapolis, Maryland. The center is close to the State Capitol and is easily accessible via Route 50 and major highways serving Annapolis.

The facility operates a 39-bed pulmonary care unit staffed by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team comprised of experienced and specially trained caregivers. It also provides post-acute care, rehabilitation services, pulmonary management, aqua therapy, pain management and complex wound care.

NMS Healthcare of Annapolis provides a healing environment for residents to achieve maximum recovery, independence and quality of life.

Latest enhancements at the facility Include:

  • 39-bed Pulmonary Care Unit 
  • New oxygen farm and piped-in wall oxygen
  • 10 new semiprivate rooms
  • 6 upgraded semiprivate rooms
  • Gymnasium with new equipment and a heated resistance pool for Aquatic therapy
  • Expanded visitors’ parking lot
  • Remodeled resident’s lounge
  • Remodeled lobby and entrance halls
  • Increased facility capacity from 87 to 96 beds
  • New mechanical rooms
  • New high-tech generator
  • New elevator

These improvements will allow us to expand the range of services and continue the commitment to providing the highest level of personalized care to our residents, and the community.

The center works in close collaboration with NMS Healthcare’s extensive interdisciplinary team of Board Certified Medical Directors, Pulmonologists, Vascular Surgeons, Wound Care Physicians, Pain Management Physicians, Nephrologists, Physiatrists, Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Case Managers, Registered Nurses, Hospice Nurses, Dietitians, Respiratory Therapists, Rehabilitation Therapists, Social Workers, Certified Activities Consultants and Geriatric Nurse Assistants.

Joint Replacement Rehabilitation & Aqua Therapy

Our physical therapy team focuses on the restoration of function, improvement of strength, endurance, flexibility, pain management and pre- and post-surgical care. Surgeons and in-house physicians coordinate care across disciplines. Aqua Therapy provides a safe environment that reduces patient discomfort and the risk of injury. This is particularly beneficial for patients who are weakened due to lack of exercise.

Bariatric Care

Our bariatric rehabilitation program is tailored for obese people with medical needs. Common conditions treated under this program include arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia and many other musculoskeletal diagnoses. This program targets rehab goals without undue stress on the back, hip or knees. Our program is an important component in improving weight loss.

Ventilator Care

Our pulmonary care unit is staffed by a dedicated multidisciplinary team comprised of experienced and specially trained caregivers. Pulmonologists direct our respiratory and nursing teams to ensure specialized care and to improve the resident’s quality of life. Pulmonary residents are closely monitored 24 hours a day to ensure optimal airway management.

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